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Mowbray Eatery

Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner in a relaxed, casual, rustic and modern industrial environment. ‘Farm to table’ quality produce and home made menu.

Cult Eatery

Macquarie University’s latest hot spot: Breakfast | Lunch | Crop To Cup Coffee!

Coffee Box Espresso

Perfectly crafted coffee from crop to cup as you pass through the gateway to our city and the hub of Darling Harbour.

Blue Orange Restaurant

Café Nine

about us


Philoxenia is a concept derived from it's own definition - "an act of hospitality and welcome" and this is the mission and environment that our team has kept consistent across all establishments. The ancient tradition of hospitality, it's Greek origin literally meaning "love of strangers", representing a generosity of spirit and a joyful nature while accommodating our guests.

Philoxenia is a group of establishments involved in the Hospitality Industry currently encompassing three locations across Sydney; Stain Cafe in Hunters Hill, Stain Cafe in Lane Cove and Coffee Box Espresso in the hub of Darling Harbour. The Philoxenia team has mastered the hospitality industry for over 30 years and takes the location from its initial inception to the design, construction, business launch and development of each venue. Philoxenia has also in the past given life to other establishments and business developments as displayed in the "Our Establishments" section.

The success of Philoxenia is driven by our many employees who provide authentic hospitality and strive to make each dining experience enjoyable for our guests. Stain Cafe in Hunters Hill, Stain Cafe in Lane Cove and Coffee Box Espresso concentrate on providing well-presented dishes and perfectly crafted coffee, with great attention to detail and modern ingredients. Our company culture is built around traditional industry excellence coupled with new and innovative approaches to how our establishments are run and marketed.

For business opportunities feel free to email info@philoxenia.com.au.


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